2023 has the promise of being a great year. Find out what it holds for you in this tarot card reading, 2023 guide. The Year of the Rabbit is predicted to be a calm force, the perfect backdrop for moving ahead and gaining financial stability.

The year 2023 adds up to Seven which is symbolic in tarot reading. Every situation and every sign will be different under the astrological signs. A tarot card reading Los Angeles can reveal the mysteries and unfold your future.


What is a Tarot Reading?


Tarot reading, also known as tarot card reading is an ancient practice that began with the introduction of playing cards. Although some movies and TV shows have shed a negative light on the art of tarot reading, it has been subject to much controversy.


Tarot reading is not about telling the future or bringing spirits out. It is to gain understanding through asking questions and receiving answers in the spread of the cards.


If you have a question or need clarity in a given situation, tarot reading can help. With the changing of the year, you may seek guidance through a tarot reading in Los Angeles.


To better understand the practice – tarot cards are a deck of cards that are made of pictures and symbols that can be read by a psychic or a medium. There is a lot of training that goes into reading tarot cards although there is no one set way to read the cards. There are, however, different ways to get the most out of an experience or reading.


A reading is only as good and accurate as the psychic medium who reads it. Some who pose as mediums are merely imposters. The genuine tarot readers have prophetic gifts and a yearning to help others. By offering their services and being clear in their interpretations, they guide those who are troubled or who have questions or concerns.


Despite its bad reputation, tarot reading is a popular type of divination that is available in person, online, and through the phone. If you want to learn more about your future for 2023, turn to a tarot card reader in Los Angeles.


Tarot Reading Explained

Within a tarot reading, the tarot cards are shuffled, cut, and laid out on the table going from left to right based upon their numeric value. Images can be read individually or together across all three cards like a story. There are different types of readings that are available, and each tarot card reader has their own special way of dealing the cards and reading and interpreting them as well.


How to Read Tarot Cards

Reading tarot cards is an art. It takes experience to read them well. You have to start somewhere if you are going to learn, and practice makes perfect. Follow these easy steps to start with:

1. Information Gathering
Ask for the name and birthday of the individual you’re reading for. That way you’ll have some basic information about the astrological birth chart.

2. Tap In

Tap into your client’s energy field by using your intuition and being open to seeing visions and working with guides or angels.

3. Ask for Intention.

As your client what their intention with the reading is so you will know the question that is being asked.


4. Shuffle
Shuffle the cards while meditating on the intention.

5. Create Spreads
Popular spreads include the Three Card spread, Celtic Cross, and Five Card Spread.

6. Interpret

As you get more familiar with interpreting the cards, you’ll get better at it. Initially, you can look up symbols online or in a reference book.

7. End Your Reading
Establish the end of the reading so you can clear your mind.

Start small and go from there. Practice as often as you can. Become familiar with the cards and be mindful of interpreting the cards.


Tarot Card Reader Los Angeles

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