What is Tea Leaf Reading?


Tea leaf reading is the art of identifying symbols and interpreting messages found in the shapes and configurations of tea leaves.

The curious mind will be Enchanted with Messages on past lives, spiritual self, love and relationship, career finances, health, happiness, chakra, aura colors, & positive and negative energies.



More About Tea Leaf Reading and How it Can Help 

There are many different types of tea leaf readings, but all of them involve pouring hot or warm water over dried tea leaves and interpreting what the patterns in the resulting brew mean.


A common type of tea leaf reading is one that attempts to tell someone’s future by interpreting the shapes they see in their cup after they drink their tea. This type of reading is called a tasseomancy, which comes from “tasse,” which means “tea” in French.


Another common type of tea leaf reading involves looking at a person’s cup before they drink it and trying to predict what will happen in their life based on the shapes they see there (this type of reading is called tasseography).

The most popular form of tea leaf reading involves interpreting symbols within an individual’s cup after they have poured hot water over their dried leaves (this type may also be referred to as tasseography).

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