So you’ve decided you want to visit a psychic medium…or is a channeler you wish to see? There is a difference so it’s imperative to know what each is so you can make the right decision on which is the best fit for your purposes.


What is a Psychic Medium?

A psychic medium is a person who has the ability to either consciously channel a spirit or receive a message from one while in a trance or semi-trancelike state. A psychic medium is drawn to communicate with deceased loved ones. Psychic Mediums Los Angeles is where you would go if you wished to have someone conduct a conversation with someone you loved who passed away.


Are Psychic Mediums Real?

Yes. Psychic mediums are very real – the genuine ones, at least. While many claim to have psychic powers, not all are legitimate. Those that can communicate with those who have passed on. It will only take one session to make your own determination. There is no denying that real psychics are real.


What is a Channeler?

A channeler is a person with the gift of receiving messages from spirit guides, nature spirits, or angels. Channeling is the practice of receiving messages while psychic mediums specialize in communicating with the deceased. If you are wanting to receive a message for guidance in an important decision you have coming up, a Channeling Los Angeles is what you will want to look for.

You may be wondering if channelers are real? Just as with psychic mediums, many profess to have the gift who don’t. But those who are genuine are definitely real. One visit to a channeler will determine their validity. There will be no doubt that a real channeler connects to spirits to gather answers for you and to attain knowledge to you from one or more.


Channeling Los Angeles

There are many channeling services in Los Angeles. You can visit one in person, go online for a session, or even have one via the phone. Check references and reviews then feel free to set up a time to visit.


Channeling vs. Psychic Medium

Although both channelers and psychic mediums deal with the supernatural, they are different in many ways. One may be better suited to help you than the other, depending upon what your desire is. Connecting with spirits is the gift of both but the way in which they communicate are not the same.

Mediumship is the gift and abilities that are endowed to mediums. They are an intermediary between the living and the dead. If you want to speak with a loved one who has passed over to death, a medium is who you will want to seek.

A channeler is one who can give you advice from spirits. The sprits range from nature spirits to angels and all types in between. When you are just searching for wisdom, a channeler is who you will want to visit.

When seeing a psychic medium in order to communicate with a love one, it is helpful to be in a receptive state of mind. Bring a photo of them or something that was theirs so there is more of a connection. What can be gained from a medium session is comfort, answers to questions, and closure.

If you are seeking knowledge and understanding, channelers are able to help. The spirits they get answers from are many. The benefits of going to a channeler is to see the bigger picture in your life, to find your purpose, and to gain insight. Many channelers will allow you to connect to spirits of your preference such as an animal or an angel.

There are mediums who are also channelers. You will want to specify what type of a session you are wanting when that is the case. If you are in doubt as to which one would be more helpful, the medium/channeler can assist you. Or you can try both and see which you get more help from or keep going to both.


Psychic Medium Near Me in Los Angeles

If you are looking for a psychic medium Los Angeles and live in the LA area, simply go online and search for “psychic medium near me.” You can also find online psychic mediums and channeling.

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