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Priscilla at Psychic Advisor New York is a worldwide highly acclaimed spiritually anointed seer. At a very young age, she became aware of the phenomenal gift of prophecy she was born with. Through her deep insightfulness, she helps people navigate challenges of all types – both known and unknown.

Priscilla’s readings are astonishingly accurate. Through them, she is very forthright about what she sees, so people flock from all around to gain insight and understanding on personal love matters. Priscilla is available for one-time readings as well as for ongoing counsel and healing during times of crisis.

Featured Services

Psychic Advisor New York’s Priscilla is one of the most sought-after and respected Advisor of her time due to her incredible accuracy and blatant honesty. Her keen insights are especially in demand for personal love matters.

Palm Reading

Psychic Advisor New York Palm Reading offers basic insight into your life path and personality by intuitive examination of your hand and palm.

Psychic Reading

This technique uses Extrasensory Perception (ESP) for Psychic Readings to reveal information about life, love, career, finances, and other relevant areas not accessible to the average senses.

Tarot Card Reading

Psychic Priscilla New York performs Tarot Card Readings that helps you attain enlightenment and understanding that pertains to a particular situation.

Egyptian Sand Reading

Egyptian Sand Reading is an ancient art psychics that uses sand as a tool along with a crystal wand to release symbolic messages from energies within the sand.

Tea Leaf Reading

Priscilla with Psychic Advisor New York performs extremely accurate Tea Leaf Readings to identify symbols and messages that form in the shapes and configurations of tea leaves. She also interprets the messages with honesty.

Spiritual Love Reading

Rose Quartz Crystals, also known as the “stone of love,” release a powerful vibration of love, joy, compassion, and emotional healing to elevate your life on many levels.

Client Feedback

Listen to what our clients have to say about the services at Psychic Advisor New York.

I was experiencing a long bout of depression and decided to go to Psychic Priscilla New York for spiritual guidance. She helped me see some areas I was being held back in. I went several times and felt so much better. She encouraged me in many ways, especially by giving me hope that a new relationship was on the horizon which turned out to be true. I’m glad Priscilla helped me work through things before a new relationship began.

Misty A. New York

I lost my husband six months ago and desperately wanted to know he is ok. I was petrified to go to a psychic due to the fact I was raised to believe psychics are of the devil. Finally, I went to Psychic Priscilla. She was very patient and understanding. I was deeply touched during the session and no longer doubt that she is 100% legit. I also no longer believe psychics are of the dark side. Quite the opposite!

Melissa T. New York

Men don’t go to psychics as much as women, I guess. I wasn’t sure about going but I’m glad I did. People in my home country get sand readings all the time but not so much in the US. Mine was very accurate. Psychic Advisor New York is great.

Darwin Y. New York

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