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World renowned for her amazing accuracy, Psychic Priscilla, Psychic Advisor Los Angeles became aware of the phenomenal gift of prophecy she was born with at a very young age. The highly acclaimed seer assists people through challenges of all kinds, both known and unknown.


Priscilla is appreciated for being very forthright and honest about what she sees and does not hesitate to communicate all findings to her clients. People come from near and far to go to her for insight and understanding on personal love matters and other areas of the life. Priscilla accommodates one-time readings and ongoing counsel and healing sessions alike.

Featured Services

Priscilla, Psychic Advisor Los Angeles is a highly respected Advisor who is beloved for her compassion, accuracy, and honesty. Her keen insights are spiritual gifts are in demand for personal love matters and other important arenas of life.

Palm Reading

Psychic Priscilla’s Palm Readings shed light upon your life path and personality through her intuitive examination of your palm and hand. Her interpretations are especially helpful.

Psychic Reading

This type of reading utilizes Extrasensory Perception (ESP) to uncover vital information about such life areas as love, career, and finances that the average senses cannot access.

Tarot Card Reading

Tarot Card Readings offer enlightenment and understanding within specific areas of interest in your life. Priscilla is especially gifted in both readings and interpretations.

Egyptian Sand Reading

The ancient art of Egyptian Sand Reading is an area where Psychic Priscilla is especially talented. A crystal wand and sand are used to release energy within the sand to reveal symbolic messages.

Tea Leaf Reading

Psychic Advisor Los Angeles’ Priscilla is heralded for honest and accurate Tea Leaf Readings where she identifies and interprets symbols and messages that surface in the shapes and configurations of the tea leaves.

Spiritual Love Reading

Rose Quartz Crystals is also know as the “stone of love” because it releases a powerful, unique vibration of love, emotional healing, joy, and romance that invigorates all areas of your life.

Feedback From Clients

Check out what our clients have to say about the psychic services at Psychic Advisor Los Angeles.

I don’t know that I would be here on this earth if not for the counsel of Psychic Priscilla who guided me through some terrifying times in my life. I continue to go to her even though the worst has passed. She is a godsend.

Kalese M. Los Angeles

My girlfriend went to Priscilla and was very impressed. I wanted to find out some things about my future, so I went too. Wow! I was blown away at what all she was able to tell me – even things regarding my past that there’s no way she could have known without being psychic. All doubts are gone. I highly recommend her.

Ezra A. Los Angeles

I experienced a really bad break-up and needed spiritual guidance. She is spot on! I am looking forward to having love back in my life but not from the one who left me but the one that my fortune says will appear. I am full of hope now – not despair like I was before going to Psychic Priscilla in Los Angeles.

Debra C. Los Angeles

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