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At a very young age, Psychic Advisor Florida’s Psychic Priscilla became keenly aware of her spiritual gifts that she was born with. She is bestowed with the prophetic gifts and tremendous spiritual powers which led to her being one of the most respected and accurate seers in the world. Priscilla is her forthright honesty and for being compassionate and trustworthy. She specializes in communicating point-on interpretations as well as giving of expert spiritual advice about personal matters like love, dating relationships in general, finances, career, education, and so much more. She is happy to offer single readings as well as on-going sessions.

Featured Services

Psychic Advisor Florida Priscilla is an Advisor who is well-known and sought after for her talents including extremely accurate prophetic gifts. She is very open and honest and specializes in love and relationship.

Palm Reading

Psychic Priscilla’s Palm Readings are helpful for enlightening in your path of life through her intuitive readings of your palms and hands. Her interpretations are second to none.

Psychic Reading

Extrasensory Perception (ESP) is used in Psychic Reading to reveal information that is hidden from normal sense about life areas such as love, career, and finances.

Tarot Card Reading

Tarot Card Readings offer enlightenment and understanding within specific areas of interest in your life. Priscilla is especially gifted in both readings and interpretations.

Egyptian Sand Reading

The ancient art of Egyptian Sand Reading uses sand from Cairo and a crystal wand to reveal symbolic messages from energies in the sand that are able to radiate through you for enlightenment.

Tea Leaf Reading

Psychic Advisor Florida’ Priscilla is a renowned Tea Leaf Reader – very accurate in identifying and interpreting the symbols and messages which form in configurations and shapes within the leaves of the tea.

Spiritual Love Reading

Rose Quartz Crystals is also know as the “stone of love” because it releases a powerful, unique vibration of love, emotional healing, joy, and romance that invigorates all areas of your life.

Client Feedback

Check out what our past clients think about the services at Psychic Advisor Florida.

My wife died which left me with unresolved feelings since we were going through a divorce at the time. Our families blamed me because they said she died of a broken heart. I had to find out differently and did, thanks to this amazing psychic. She was very understanding throughout the whole session.

Butch W. Florida

When I could not get over the death of my parents who died together in a car crash, I went to Priscilla in Florida for Spiritual Counseling. It certainly relieved some of the pain to find out they are doing fine and want me to do the same. I am working on getting on with my life and am pursuing a medical career which, according to Priscilla, delights them.

Tara A. Florida

• Most people are hesitant to go to a psychic. I know I was. Thankfully, I went. I found the palm reading to be right on the money. I am planning to go back for a second visit very soon and urge you to check her out as well.

Chandler C. Florida

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