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At an early age Psychic Priscilla of Psychic Advisor Dallas, Texas became keenly aware of the phenomenal gift of prophecy she was born with. She set about a course in life to assist people through tough times – both known and unknown. Throughout the ages, she has become a beloved and highly respected Advisor. Priscilla is known for being very honest and forthright with her clients. She communicates the entirety of her findings with the utmost compassion. People come to her for advice and insight on personal matters regarding love, finances, and more. She is available for ongoing counsel and also for single readings and one-time sessions.

Featured Services

Priscilla, Psychic Advisor Dallas, Texas is a Spiritual Advisor who is quite popular and respected for her prophetic talents that are accurate and honest. She is especially praised in areas of love and relationship.

Palm Reading

Psychic Priscilla’s Palm Readings are infamous for shedding light about your personality and path of life through her intuitive readings and interpretations of your palm and hand.

Psychic Reading

Extrasensory Perception (ESP) is used in Psychic Reading for the discovery of hidden information about arenas in your life like love, career, and finances.

Tarot Card Reading

Pricilla with Psychic Advisor Dallas, Texas is notorious for her exceptionally accurate Tarot Card Readings that enlighten you, leaving you with a better understanding of particular situations of interest.

Egyptian Sand Reading

This ancient Egyptian Sand Reading art uses a crystal wand and sand imported from Cairo to release energy which reveals symbolic messages in the sand.

Tea Leaf Reading

Psychic Advisor Dallas Texas’ Priscilla is one of the best Tea Leaf Readers in the world. She accurately identifies symbols and messages that are revealed in the shapes and configurations of the tea leaves and interprets them with clarity and honesty.

Spiritual Love Reading

Rose Quartz Crystals is knowns as the “stone of love”. It releases a special vibration of emotional healing, love, joy, and romance to improve all areas of your life.

Feedback From Clients

Check out what our clients have to say about the psychic services at Psychic Advisor Dallas, Texas.

I threw a big birthday party for a friend in North Dallas and invited Psychic Priscilla. It was a blast! We did it just for fun but were surprised at how accurate she was. She definitely left us with more than we came with. Several of us are going to her for spiritual advising and to learn about our future.

Kelsy D. Dallas, Texas

If you are leery about going to a psychic, don’t be. There’s nothing scary or “woo woo” about it. Priscilla is very down to earth. She will shoot you straight, but she doesn’t it in a very compassionate way. You can beat Psychic Advisor Dallas, Texas for spiritual advice and guidance in the Metroplex.

Dianne A. California

I lost a child and have been wanting to go to an Advisor. When I did, I wondered what took me so long. She is an excellent Medium. I feel so much relieve now.

Debra P. Dallas, Texas

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