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Psychic Advisor California’s Psychic Priscilla became aware of her mystical talents at a tender, young age when she realized she was born with the coveted gift of prophecy. Through the years, she has used her abilities to become one of the most respected and accurate seers in the world. One of her most precious attributes is her forthright honesty. She is also compassionate and trustworthy. She specializes in communicating interpretations as well as giving of spiritual advice regarding personal matters in such areas as love, relationships, finances, career, and so much more. She accommodates single readings and advising as well as on-going counseling sessions.

Featured Services

Psychic Advisor California Priscilla is a world-renowned Advisor who is beloved and sought after for her prophetic gifts that are honest and accurate. She is especially talented in areas of love and relationship.

Palm Reading

Psychic Priscilla’s Palm Readings are famous in California. They help inform and enlighten you in regard to your personality and path of life through her intuitive interpretations of her palm and hand readings.

Psychic Reading

Priscilla uses Extrasensory Perception (ESP) in her Psychic Reading to reveal hidden information about arenas in your life like love, career, and finances that are only known through psychic power.

Tarot Card Reading

Tarot Card Readings give enlightenment and understanding of special areas of interest. Priscilla is especially gifted in Tarot Card Reading and the interpretations thereof.

Egyptian Sand Reading

The ancient art of Egyptian Sand Reading utilizes a crystal wand and sand imported from Cairo to reveal symbolic messages in sand that is imported from Cairo.

Tea Leaf Reading

Psychic Advisor California’ Priscilla is a gifted Tea Leaf Reader – accurately identifying and interpreting symbols and messages that are formed in configurations and shapes within the tea leaves.

Spiritual Love Reading

Rose Quartz Crystals (aka the “stone of love”) releases a unique and powerful vibration of love, emotional healing, joy, and romance to elevate all areas of your life.

Client Feedback

Check out what our past clients think about the services at Psychic Advisor California.

I needed help getting closure on my wife’s death, so I went to Psychic Advisor California. Honestly, Priscilla is anointed in spiritual gifts for she was able to help me communicate with Kathy and I was able to bring those chapters of my life to a close – still relishing them but looking forward to new chapters too.

Roderick Z. California

I went to other advisors, but none have been as upfront as Priscilla at Psychic Advisor California. I have been twice now and she is as spot on as she can be. I have received great readings and have asked for guidance in several areas. If you’ve never been and live in California, you must go.

Elsie R. California

My boyfriend freaked out when I went to this advisor psychic. I guess he was afraid I would find out about him cheating and…I did. I have found a new love, just as Pricilla said. I cannot thank her enough for helping me ditch the bad one so I could end up with the love of my life.

Sheri A. California

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