What is Palmistry Reading or Palm Reading?


Among all of the divination practices, palmistry, otherwise known as palm reading or chiromancy, is the most distinguished. While the exact origins of palmistry are unknown, it is believed that it started in ancient India and unravelled from there, becoming popular worldwide.


Palmistry is essentially the art of analyzing the properties of the hands to understand certain personality characteristics and predict future events.

Within the physical features of your palms lie many important questions that you may have thought about throughout your lifetime. The lines, shape, size, color, and other attributes of your hands are foretelling of your future. There are many reasons as to why one may be curious about their future, including how many children you will have, your life expectancy, your love life, and much more. Palmistry is a fascinating way to connect and better understand yourself, while gathering enlightening aspects about your life.



Do People in Los Angeles Benefit from a Palm Reading or Palmistry Reading?

Palm reading or palmistry reading helps people in Los Angeles to gain knowledge about themselves and their future. It helps them make better career decisions, relationships, health and money.


Palmists study the lines and shapes of the palm to give you an insight into your personality and life path. The lines on your palms can tell you about your past and future events. A palm reader will look at the shape of your hand, how long your fingers are compared to each other, how they join together at the base of your palm and where they meet with your wrist.



Hire the #1 Los Angeles Palm Reader

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