Have you ever wished you could visit a tea leaf reading Los Angeles to learn about your future? Did you know you can learn to read tea leaves yourself? Read on to find out step-by-step how to practice tasseography on your own.

Tasseography – the Art of Tea Leaf Reading

Tasseography is another word for tea reading. A tea leaf reader is one who can give you insight into the future and help you learn valuable lessons from your past simply by looking at the patterns and shapes of your tea leaves.

Tea leaf reading is done all over the world. It’s an ancient art that first begun centuries ago and is now trending throughout the nation, especially in California locations such as Los Angeles.

How Do Tea Leaf Readings Work?

There is a wide variety of effective techniques that can be used to determine our paths in the universe and to gain insight and answer questions. One of the methods is tea leaf reading.

Tea leaf reading can also be used for coffee grounds or wine sediments but requires a slightly different approach.

The practice of reading tea leaves dates back hundreds of years and is still practiced today which says a lot about it. It is a form of psychic reading that first began in medieval Europe and beyond. Asia, China, and the Middle East are also huge fans of tea leaf readings.

How Tea Leaf Reading Works

First, a pinch of loose tea leaves are put into a cup. The type of tea isn’t important but black tea is the most commonly used. Next, pour boiling water on top of the leaves and steep the mix for a few minutes. Do not strain the tea.

Have the individual who is having the reading done to drink the tea but leave a small amount of the liquid in the bottom of the cup. At this time, you will want to relax and be mindful. The person having the reading done will think of a question and will tell you what it is.

The teacup is then turned over and then turned back up. The cup with the leftover leaves must be swirled a total of three times. Regardless of whether you are doing the reading or a professional tea leaf reader, you will want to take a look at the formations and shapes in the cup. The one or ones that you first see will be the primary ones. The ones at the top of the cups will be from the past and the further into the cup you get will be the recent and future ones.

Interpretations are a gift of psychic power. You can glean from books and online sites as to what formations and shapes symbolize though. Swords are symbolic of an argument while triangles are good financial fortune and squares are comfort and security.

Letters are also important. The letter “L” often stands for love. “M” might be for marriage if it appropriately fits.

Truly understanding the interpretations takes a lot of experience but you have to start somewhere if you are going to be a tea reader. You can ask professional advice from an expert, and you can also benefit from having your tea leaves read by an expert so you see firsthand how it is done.

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If you are going to visit a professional tea leaf reader, be sure you go to one you can trust. Read past reviews from current or former clients, especially those from third-party sites that aren’t partial to the reader. You will also get a feel for the psychic once you meet them. One session and you’ll know whether they are legitimate or not. If they do well for you, be sure to leave a good review so others will know.


Tea Leaf Reading Near Me

If you are looking for a tea leaf reader in Los Angeles and live in the LA area, simply go online and search for “tea leaf reading near me.” Go through the end results that come up and narrow them down to find the tea leaf reader who is the best fit for you.

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