What is Egyptian Sand Reading? 


An Egyptian sand reading consists of the use of sand imported from Cairo, Egypt and a crystal wand. It is an ancient form of divination, which has helped many people foresee the future. Ancient sand readings also have the ability to unveil what is hidden and can look into the past. The process involves the client drawing a circle of life into the sand manifesting positive thoughts, which will allow the sand reader to delve into the energies of the universe through the sand. This can provide insight on past, present, and future auric fields, chakras, past lives, and energies.

The Best Egyptian Sand Reading in Los Angeles


As a talented and experienced Egyptian sand reader, Priscilla has discovered a true love for sand reading, providing guidance and insight to her clients for many years. These types of readings require a gift of prophecy, which has allowed her to delve into insight about individuals through sand reading.

Priscilla has always had compassion for others, wanting to help others discover their inner self in any way she can different forms of divination. She has found that Egyptian sand reading has truly helped her clients in many ways. Helping her clients gain new information about their past, present, and future has provided them with clarity in a number of ways, including health, love, work, destiny, and much more. Beyond that, she has provided ongoing counsel for those with personal healing matters through times of crisis with the help of the insight she has gained from sand reading.

Hire the #1 Los Angeles Egyptian Sand Reader

If you are considering an ancient form of divination by a gifted psychic advisor, then Psychic Priscilla can provide you with the answers and guidance that you have been searching for. To learn more about Egyptian sand reading in Los Angeles and its many benefits, feel free to call (818) 578-3067 to learn more.