Los Angeles Psychic Advisor & Love Expert

Discover a deeper understanding of your life’s journey through an intuitive energy session offered by Priscilla Moreno, Master Psychic and Energy Healer.

I was born with the caulbearer/ veil which blessed me with my gift of seconds sights this gift has provided me with Clairvoyance Claire-audience and healing powers allowing me to hear see and feel energy.

Through my powerful gifts I am able to recognize the source of negative energies and provide you with detailed insights onto your life’s journey To help lead you down the right path my guidance is honest and thoughtful and my readings will guide you to lead the most positive life filled with joy love and inner peace.

I am also known as a guide along the unknown path of life towards greater clarity and discernment.

In my amazingly accurate readings I tell people the truth of what I see, people from all walks of the world seek my spiritual advice and visions on personal love matters family issues work financial perspectives as well as any questions from the heart I also see clients on a regular basis who seek ongoing counsel and healing in all matters of life If you have questions and you need answers allow me to gaze through the window of your soul and give you a reading so accurate and informative! Come call or write today as a better tomorrow awaits you!